Ready to Navigate USV

Introducing our “Ready to Navigate USV,” a versatile vessel equipped with integrated transportation rubber wheels, access hatches, and a rubber steel-reinforced fender. Its couple of T-rails in the bottom central part allow easy payload locking, while plastic handles and an internal steel deck ensure durability and convenience. The USV features powerful motors (Blue Robotics T500 or T200), an FPV camera, control unit, batteries, LTE modem, single-board PC (Windows 11 based), and portable ground station. Enjoy a one-year subscription to our Web Control Station, enabling seamless browser-based vessel control and monitoring. With this USV, carry any payload efficiently and effectively.

Radio link topology

Technical details

  • Size :

    • Length : 1100mm / 1300mm / 1500mm
    • Width : 820mm
    • Height : 630mm
    • Weight : 40Kg (1100mm) / 45Kg (1300mm) / 50Kg (1300mm)
    • Hull material : 3d printed
    • Draft : see the graph below
  • Performance :

    • Cruise speed : 2.5m/s (with T500) – 1m/s (with T200)
    • Maximum payload admissible : see the graph below
    • Range : up to 2Km with radio link – unlimited over LTE
  • Battery endurance :

    • 1500mm / 1300mm with T500 : up to 5h @ 1/ms
    • 1500mm / 1300mm with T200 : up to 2.5h @ 1/ms
    • 1100mm T500 : up to 2.5h @ 1/ms
    • 1100mm T200 : up to 1.2h @ 1/ms
  • Power system :

    • Dual Blue Robotics thrusters T500 or T200 (as option)
    • Dual batteries LiFePo4  :  1280Wh (1300mm / 1500mm) – 1100mm 720Wh (1100mm)
  • Battery charger :

    • Standard LiFePo4 battery charger
  • GPS :

    • Dual GPS RTK system to provide position and heading
    • Multiconstellation / Multiband
    • RTK corrections with NTRIP data over LTE
  • Data link :

    • Integrated modem router on the vessel (LTE/4G connectivity)
    • WiFi on vessel and on the ground station
    • IP data link vessel <-> ground station
  • Ground station with 7″ high brightness display and data-link IP pass trough

  • Control unit box
  • FPV camera :

    • color FullHD resolution
    • live stream on ground station and web control station
  • Web Control Station, which is included for the first year, allows you to remotely control and manage your USV through a user-friendly web interface.

Payload Kg vs Draft
Blue Robotics T500/T200 + stock batteries + Control unit

Ready to Navigate USV Payload graph

The hull

Naked hull

All our ready-to-navigate USVs are built upon our in-house 3D printed hulls, meticulously crafted to meet the technical specifications outlined on this page. Our hulls, produced using advanced 3D printing technology, ensure precision and consistency in their construction. Designed with durability, buoyancy, and hydrodynamic efficiency in mind, these hulls provide exceptional performance in various water conditions. By leveraging our expertise in 3D printing, we guarantee the highest quality and control over the manufacturing process. With our USVs, you can trust that each vessel is built upon our reliable and proven 3D printed hulls, delivering reliability, versatility, and cutting-edge technology for your marine operations.

Portable ground station

The ground station is a compact and lightweight device designed for optimal portability. It boasts a high battery capacity, providing over 6 hours of continuous operation. The ground station features a high-brightness display, ensuring excellent visibility even in bright outdoor conditions. With multiple ports including HDMI, RJ45, USB-C quick charge, and microSD, it offers versatile connectivity options for various peripherals and data transfer. The inclusion of Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities enables seamless wireless communication. Built on an Android platform, the ground station provides a familiar and user-friendly interface, allowing for easy navigation and access to a wide range of applications.

  • Android based
  • High brightness display (>1100 nits)

  • Long life battery (> 8h)
  • Quick charge even when it’s on over USB type C
  • Fan cooling

  • Bluetooth to connect pilot headphone with microphone
  • Customized pre installed software to control the USV and allow pilot to talk with all peoples logged in the Web Control Station
  • Ethernet over WiFi or RJ45 cable to reach all on board devices and payloads with ease
  • User-friendly navigation mode selection buttons with screen feedback, providing clear visual cues for effortless and precise control of the desired navigation mode.

  • Convenient on-screen arm and disarm buttons for quick and straightforward control of USV activation and deactivation.

  • Video sharing over HDMI
  • 272 x 183 x 94mm 1Kg
  • More than 2 km operating range
  • Comprehensive QGroundControl features for efficient mission management and complete control over the USV operations.

Headphone + microphone

Ready to Navigate USV Headphone

The headphone set, enabling seamless communication between the pilot and all individuals logged into the web control station (ground station internet connection is mandatory).

This feature facilitates clear and efficient real-time conversation, allowing for effective coordination and collaboration. The headphone set ensures optimal audio quality, enabling the pilot to hear and be heard clearly by everyone involved in the operation. Whether it’s relaying instructions, sharing updates, or discussing critical information, this integrated communication system enhances situational awareness and streamlines the decision-making process. With the headphone set, effective communication becomes an integral part of the USV control and operation.

  • Bluetooth
  • Single hear
  • Microphone
  • Rechargeable batteries

Connection functionality

Ground station + headphones

Ground station offers direct control of the USV through a reliable link. To establish an internet connection on the ground station, two options are available: using a USB modem dongle (not included) or utilizing a smartphone hotspot. With an internet connection, the ground station can update maps and enable communication with individuals logged into the web control station using the included headphones. This connectivity functionality enhances situational awareness and facilitates effective collaboration. Whether it’s updating map data or engaging in real-time conversations, the ground station ensures seamless integration and connectivity for efficient USV control and operation.

Laptop near the ground station (not included)

When a laptop (not included) is in proximity to the ground station (GS), it can be connected either via an RJ45 cable or through WiFi (disabling the smartphone hotspot). This allows access to all devices on board, including the payload. With this setup the laptop and the USV are on the same network enabling the use of Remote Desktop to work with the on-board computer (based on Windows 11), users can interact with payload software, manage USV missions, and have seamless control over all aspects of the USV’s operations, leveraging the convenience of a laptop for enhanced versatility and efficiency.

PC just connected to internet

Our Web Control Station platform empowers users with the ability to control the USV, communicate with the pilot, and access live video streaming from any location where there is an internet connection. By simply connecting a PC to the internet, users can leverage the full functionality of the platform. Additionally, by logging into a dedicated VPN, users can extend their access to all on-board devices as if they were physically present.

Login page

Ready to Navigate USV Web control station Login

Videos and photos gallery

Ready to Navigate USV Web control station Media gallery

Log viewer page

Ready to Navigate USV Web control station Log viewer

The web platform provides comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities for multiple USVs. Users can easily check the connection status, access live video streams, capture images or record videos from the stream, and communicate with both the pilot and other users logged into the platform worldwide. Telemetry data, including battery, GPS, and modem status, is readily available. With a virtual joystick, users can remotely maneuver the vessel. They can upload and execute mission files, switch navigation modes, click on the map to navigate to specific points, select speed settings, and view the vessel’s position and heading. The platform offers a complete suite of features for efficient and remote USV control and monitoring.

LiFePO Batteries

Ready to Navigate USV LiFePo4 batteries

The USV is powered by two LiFePo4 batteries, providing a total capacity of 1.28KWh. With this configuration, the USV can maintain a continuous navigation speed of 1m/s for a minimum of 4 hours, ensuring extended operational endurance and consistent performance on the water.

  • Voltage available on board 2×12.8V = 25.6V
  • Current capacity on board 50Ah
  • Energy available on board fully charged 1280 Wh

FPV Camera

Ready to Navigate USV FPV camera

By installing an FPV camera on the stern of the vessel, you can have a real-time view of what lies ahead. The live video feed from this camera can be accessed and viewed on both the ground station and the web, provided the vessel is covered by an LTE connection. This functionality enhances situational awareness and allows for remote monitoring and decision-making, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the vessel’s surroundings for safer and more efficient navigation.

  • IP67 rated
  • Angle of View 110°
  • FullHD

Dual RTK GPS system

Ready to Navigate USV GPS heading

To ensure precise heading and position determination in our USV, we utilize two GPS systems with RTK correction. This approach eliminates compass interference, ensuring stable course-keeping and accurate positioning, even in challenging environments. By relying on redundant GPS data, our USV maintains reliable navigation performance, minimizing deviations and enabling precise control throughout its operations.

Our control unit, constructed from durable aluminum, houses all the necessary electronic components for controlling and managing the USV. It features a variety of connectors to accommodate standard peripherals and seamlessly integrate with your specific payloads, ensuring efficient and versatile operation of the USV.

  • Aluminium case
  • 2x 25volts (directly from battery) power out for payload
  • 1x 12volts 5A power out for FPV camera

  • 3x Ethernet connectors (one dedicated for FPV camera) two for payloads
  • 3x USB type A for payloads
  • Main devices contained the central unit :

    • Navigation control Ardupilot based
    • Navigation computer Linux based
    • Modem/router/switch
    • GPS unit
    • Motor power controller (ESC)
    • Radio link
    • Single board PC for payload management
      • LattePanda 3 Delta
      • Intel® Celeron® N5105
      • 2.0-2.9GHz Quad-Core
      • LPDDR4 8GB 2933MHz (RAM)
      • 64GB eMMC (storage)


In our USV, we incorporate the reliable and high-performance Blue Robotics thrusters, either the T500 or T200 models. These thrusters are securely installed using a robust stainless steel plate adapter, ensuring a strong and reliable connection for optimal propulsion capabilities in various marine environments.


  • 2x 16Kg thrust for 32Kg of total thrusts

  • At the same speed the T500 consume 50% than T200


  • 2x 3.7Kg thrust for 7.4Kg of total thrusts (12volts)

  • Budget-friendly choice.